The Treasure

The treasure that is searched for in the treasure hunt, ultimately, is the end event. The event is our major event  and is what the treasure hunt has been leading up to. By participating in the treasure hunt and revealing all the hints you will be aware of all the information like where the event is taking place, who the performers are and also, very important, what the dress code for our end event is.

The event will exist out of different performances from various artists. The performances will vary from singing to cabaret and more. The dress code can be found by participating in the treasure hunt. The people that are best dressed will win a meet-and-greet with the performers. The event will be held in a public place and will be for free and, again, the exact location can be found by participating in the treasure hunt. At the event there will also be drinks and snacks and there will be security to make sure that everyone is safe at the event.

The event will be a very fun and entertaining event that you will definitely enjoy. Besides making sure that people enjoy our event we also want to make sure inhabitants of Utrecht know what their city has to offer culture wise, which will lead to people enjoying the culture of their city more.