Treasure Hunt

Enjoy Your City has created a mysterious treasure hunt as a large part of the campaign. The overlapping idea of our concept is to trigger people to get to know the cultural aspects of Utrecht via a treasure hunt that connects all the events to eachother. The treasure hunt will consist of questions, facts and hints provided in aspects of the campaign, such as the advertising and the art display etc. The treasure hunt will ultimately lead to the big performance by local entertainers.

The questions, hints and facts will be spread via various media. They are on print media in the form of posters in schools, busses etc but also there will be social media.

On this website you can find more hints and questions the more answers you find the more information they will get about the end event, such as where it will be, who will be performing, what the dress code will be, what the prices will be and so on.
By signing up/registering on the website, you will receive exclusive information and vouchers for the end event, like vouchers for free drinks/snacks. But besides getting information about the event the participants will also learn things about the culture of Utrecht.