Does the end event cost money?
No the end event is free and everyone is invited to come!

Am I obligated to  wear a costume to the end event?
No you are not obligated to wear a costume. However, by wearing a custume you can win prices like a meet-and-greet with the performers at the event.

Does every restaurant in Utrecht participate in the restaurant week?
No, you have to check the website to find out which restaurants are participating. We also advise you to make reservations in time.

What do I have to do to win a meet-and-greet with one of the performers?
The people with the most original, most extreme costumes will be the winners of the costume competition and will win a meet-and-greet.

Will the end event be safe for young children?
Yes, a professional security company will be hired to make sure the event runs smoothly and everyone is safe.

Will there be a wardrobe at the event?
No, the event will be in open air so there will not be any wardrobes. There will however be drinks and food available at the event.

Is there a minimum age that I have to be in order to be allowed entrance at the event?
No, everyone of every age is more than welcome to come.