Art Display

The Art display consists of photos and other visual types of art displayed through the city of Utrecht. The photos will show historical events with some explanation about what happened at that particular place in the past or show pictures of certain buildings a long time ago.
There will also be art displayed through the city of Utrecht. This can be paintings, photographs, (live) statues, all sorts of art. In this way the audience will get more exposed to art in their daily life without having to go look for it in for example a museum or a gallery. It will also show you the great history the city of Utrecht has, which will be interesting and impressive. We also believe that this could change the street view of the city, by displaying more art in more public places will make it look like more of a cultural city that really does deserve to win the title.
It will take place the whole month leading up to the jury’s visit. This increases the chance of people seeing it, the amount of people that will come across it will be larger and more people will take the time to take a good look at the art and the reason why it is displayed.

Also here different clues and hints are given in text, but also in visuals. This could be like a picture of other form of art that communicates a big entertaining event. It will be located at the location where the event will be held. So keep on searching!