Treaty of Utrecht Foundation

The Treaty of Utrecht is an independent organisation organised by the government.
They are working on Utrecht’s international reputation with an interesting cultural programme. All of this because Utrecht celebrates its 300 years treaty of Utrecht in 2013 and Utrecht competing for Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.
Together with a lot of other organisations the Treaty of Utrecht Foundation organises a cultural programme that is taking place in Utrecht, and which is also a start towards Utrecht wanting to become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.

The title Cultural Capital of Europe is awarded principally on the strength of the city’s proposed programme of specific cultural events for that year, and not its intrinsic historical value. So the Treaty of Utrecht foundation is aiming for interesting (international) cultural activities happening at present time.

The Treaty of Utrecht Foundation is already organising a lot of cultural activities in Utrecht. For example the Community Arts Lab, this is aimed at uniting all different sorts of cultures with Art. The vision of this programme is not to immediately solve all the cultural differences but to unite people through Art, like artists working together with people from different neighbourhoods.

The Treaty of Utrecht Foundation is focussed on actively involving the citizens of Utrecht with Culture and Art. They think those two factors are a very important aspect of every day life and for the future they hope to involve more people. Therefore, they came up with the plan to organise a lot of cultural programmes in neighbourhoods where the cultural interest is mostly low.

But that is not the only thing the Treaty of Utrecht is focussing on. They also organise festivals, theatre, invite the citizens of Utrecht to gain their ideas, concerts, film, and many more.
The Treaty of Utrecht Foundation hopes that with these projects they can strengthen their European air for the future, and make Utrecht more interesting for researchers, student and international businessmen from all over the world.