Utrecht European Cultural Capital 2018

Utrecht wants to be the European Capital of Culture in 2018. The European Cultural Capital is one of the most prestigious events and high profile European Events that has various cultural, social and economic benefits.

The problem is that to become the European Cultural Capital the citizens of Utrecht and its surroundings need to become aware of the fact that they are competing, and preferably, support it and get involved with it. However, right now not a lot/enough people know about the fact that Utrecht is trying to become the European Cultural Capital of 2018. Therefore, Utrecht doesn’t have the awareness, support and involvement of its citizens that it needs.

It is important that this problem is solved before 2013 so that they can show in their initial application file that they are capable of mobilizing its inhabitants and its surroundings and so that that is visible for the jury when they visit in 2013.

So if you want to help your city to become the Cultural Capital of Europe, join us in our campaign, and join our treasurehunt!

Culture in Utrecht:

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